Lions, Tigers, and Bears: A Case Study in Alternative Law Enforcement – Concord, North Carolina by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber




“What Happens when there is inadequate funded law enforcement activity to control crime?”


In Concord, North Carolina, a cute small town in Cabarrus County, ​Cabarrus County is home to approximately 175,000 residents. The county’s business community is diverse with a mix of small and large organizations in industries ranging from bioscience, motorsports, tourism, retail, and manufacturing.

Concord is the County Seat of Cabarrus County, which is ripe for development, yet there is a shadowed situation which exists within the city limits.  Housed in a shut down, closed for regular business gas station located 24 Church Street at the crossroads of Church and Brumley, is a possible new approach, housed under an old exterior. There are a few cars and trucks in the parking lot, as can be seen from Church Street.  The basement, however, of the same building, opens into an alley that runs parallel to Church Street, and has heavy metal bars on the alley side of the brick square structure. A wire mesh, placed right behind the bars by the ‘designer’ of this structure, is torn in the center, so that if this is a ‘cage’ to an animal which is small enough to squeeze through the bars (like rodents) they have free reign of the area.  A large brown beer bottle lies outside of the cage on the ground, and another is not far away, about 10 feet from the cage, as if someone had to become ‘brave’ enough to go near the lion’s cage by becoming drunk first and left the evidence behind.  There is definitely some living ‘animal’ in this ‘cage’ as evidenced by rustling sounds which are apparent when a person stands near the cage bars and calls into the cage.  The animal was unseen and apparently not fully awake at an early hour in the morning, about 7:30 am.

About two weeks ago, in Greensboro, North Carolina, a filed investigator, who was identified by a crook who was staying at a local shelter there in Greensboro, NC was stabbed in the head by an assailant, who did not want the man to do his job.  This is the type of incident that gets people thinking about more extreme measures for crooks who assault investigators, police, or others who are doing their jobs, or trying to.  Maybe this “cage” situation is the solution to high risk Gangster cases where mass numbers of people are threatened, annihilated, and have ruined lives thanks to one racket or another, with the crooks not being able to repair the lives of people who they ruined, but getting jail sentences, if any, which lawyers usually are able to get them out of so they can be back in business before too long.  Their business is the business of crime, an extreme example of how one part of society exists and controls others, who are generally law abiding citizens. These professional criminals, who are glamorizing themselves and laughing at other people to create negative trends, have been around for decades, and get engaged in high levels of civil disobedience, in addition to outright cruelty to other human beings, to climb higher up the hierarchy of their chosen lives, and become more and more self-important.

The ‘Lions Cage” idea is one projected solution that I have heard about in the past.  The problem is that in order to have “The Lion’s Cage” here, the gang involved in the upkeep of the animal had to violate and change the law and local ordinances which prohibit “wild animals” from occupying any area with any city limit, no matter how small the town.  Roanoke Virginia also has a “Lion’s Cage” area which is an arena with thick, tall metal bars, just outside of the public library. 

Is this the “Lions Book of Family Prayers” that will end some of these crises caused by the continued decay of the Federal and local systems and decline of law and order?  It is hard to say, but as clever of an idea as this is, the constitutionality of this is questionable, yet Gangster” or Organized Crime” methods are beyond reproach, or would have stopped threatening people many years ago.




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