How I Became a Victim Of Corporate Criminals and Plain Criminals in “Coalition Building”, by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber



I was an abused kid.  I was also an abused adult in an abusive marriage which finally ended because I go sick of the abuse and filed for divorce.  Because of being an abused kid, I became a Social Worker.  Because my spouse, who was part of Eddie Bauer, was playing games at the time and would not have sex with me to have any more children, I got involved in a relationships with a black man and became pregnant.  I did not know that the man was in a ‘string’ or was part of Johnson and Johnson, and other crooked corporation.  At 12 weeks into the pregnancy, since I was feeling ill anyhow and had a prior caesarian section with our son Justin Bauer, I had an abortion.  I also found out about the Farrakhan cult which is another racist hate group which hates whites. I at that time chose for the ‘child’ I was pregnant with not to be enmeshed in crime as a victim like I have been all of my life.  Our son, Justin Jeremy Bauer was bonded with his dad, but still became victimized by hate crime.  This is because in his case, he was out drinking with friends and they, in two cars, threw a girl who their friend out of one of the cars and into a barbed wire fence.  The girl is from North Carolina, as is her abusive family. The girl was injured and came to high school using a walker.  All of these crook groups are also instrumental in causing International Crime.  Many of them are still at large. 


We had a severe economic depression in the United States thanks to all of these crooks playing games like this with myself and all kinds of other people.  In addition to this, these same crooks wanted people to ‘Get Thin” and started large cocaine and meth rings to get people who are junkies to like them and ‘get thin’.  I don’t use street drugs, and never have.  I am sorry that I had the abortion, but in the situation that I got trapped in, there is no real way for me or others to win unless some of these crime buddies looking for trouble start becoming affiliated with churches.  People in the jail system have tried to reach people like the aforementioned, usually to no avail.  In many communities where I have been, churches and volunteers have also tried, in many cases to no avail.  Because these crooks went around and created wars in other countries and in the United States, I developed “The Indigo Drum Peace Project”. The proposal for The Indigo Drum Peace Project is on my SkyDrive, under my name: Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber.  This project needs massive financial and people support. 


Thanks very much.

Warm Regards,


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber



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