The Al Capone Police Gang by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


The Al Capone Police Gang

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


In Wooster, Ohio, where a major “political launch area occurred, the star or premiere gang of the Wooster, Ohio police were known as “the Al Capone Police gang”.  They took their name form history, and were supposed to be a gang within the police who were supposed to investigate organized crime, I thought.

The police knew about them, others in the community knew about them, and they were sort of like the “Keystone Cops” but had police powers.  The “Al Capone Police Gang” had different people in it, some of whom were in other roles in the community (like little league coaches) but at one point in time started sexually harassing women. This led to another issue, because they told women that they saw their c***.

It just so happened that a ‘star’ that was picked for a large political/mob launch was exactly this, and was part of a strip club where this was her talent – taking all of her clothes off, spreading her legs, and allowing people to take a look at her rubbing herself against the pole in the middle of the stage that held the stage up.  This was then supposed to be a role model to other women, who were either supposed to be this, or a victim of “sex With Salves”, another sex based crime ring which brought in a major Law Vegas strip club – the Trump casino project and the people associated with it to the areas in Ohio and shut down the Federal Government, supposedly, although the Trump Casino Project was never built in Ohio.

Was this police corruption or ‘planned degradation’ or ‘corporate crime’?  More will be revealed.



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