Hostile Foreclosure and Hostile Escheat of Properties Traced Back (PICK Cherie!) by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

CHERIE Koerber Newman and husband ScottCherie Koerber Newman and parents

CK SELECT Real Estate in Concord, NC.  There are other "SELECT REAL ESTATE LOCATIONS"

CK SELECT Real Estate in Concord, NC. There are other “SELECT REAL ESTATE LOCATIONS”

There is a current big problem in Ohio and other states with hostile foreclosure.  In fact, there was a shooting in Danville, Virginia that an informant was telling us about. The couple was elderly, and they paid on their house for a long time.  A banker tried to foreclose on the house, and the man claimed that the banker was also having an affair with his wife.  He shot the banker, because they would have been a homeless couple because the bank was not able to work with the couple when they started experiencing hard times.

CK Premiere Real Estate is located on Cabarrus Avenue, here in Concord, NC.   On their sign is the phrase “Looking For Foreclosures?”  The Agent listed is “Kirk Hanson”.  I think this is part of an ongoing destructive Klan based cult which also crossed over into Ohio and destroyed our state.  This is because this thing ‘could’ match my background and abuse which is heard online and is being done by a human being. The crooks picked “Cherie” which is my sister’s nickname.  I was the victim of a hostile eviction/foreclosure in Wooster, Ohio with no legal support, and her initials in high school were CK (Cheryl Koerber).  A kook keeps using the phrase ‘when you were in high school’, online, as if a senile human being. I think this sister, who was a bully and part of the KKK when we were younger had an elementary schoolboy friend named “Kirk”.  I am tired of kooks telling me that I am supposed to be mentally ill and should go on disability, which is another known Ponzi scheme, and I am blocked into this and can’t seem to get hired in a job where can get paid.  I would like to report this problem for further investigation and am angry enough to sue to the principles who got engaged in this part of the bullying activity for ruining my life.  I think that whoever this particular kook is, they are running a hostile Klan based cult and think they are humorous or funny. There have been other parts of the Klan Found here in Concord, NC – like the Klan base church.  The Klan is composed of both blacks and whites here in North Carolina and I Have no idea why an imbecile would waste my life and his or her life on a repetitive cult phrase to have ‘control’.  I think that some of these imbeciles do things like this because they are competing to be the “Grand Dragon” of The KKK, and that people are not supposed to hear this, or trace it back to them, as this is another ‘secret society’. 



Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


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