The Faces of Allison Sparkuhl by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber – April 21, 2014







Allison Sparkuhl apparently went through some kind of transformation herself, but was the original leader of “Le Tigre”, a group that was trying to legalize Prostitution in the United States at one point. “Le Tigre” sex is a certain type of sex which is allegedly somewhat “rough” and is like by certain types of people.


At some later point in time, the “Le Tigre” group became tied into India, and became a group that was terroristic and unfriendly to and with the United States, because someone in India considered this “Le Tigre” sex to not really be sexual but a way to ‘get beaten up”.


Added  May 7, 2014

Informants say that Sparkul was formerly known as “Meredith” and was from Lowes Corporation.  She also lived in Concord, North Carolina, where other Ponzi schemes may have been generated.  Sparkul also looks like “Lady Ga-Ga” and forsook that role in lieu of becoming a terrorist.  She is another person tied into corporate crime as Lowes.  Lowes Corporation insulted Egypt also when they built “Lowes Foods” in Hickory, North Carolina, adding to the tension there where there was a shooting instead of “Food Lion” being in that city.  “Food Lion” uses as Egyptian hieroglyphic “Lion” as a symbol on their signs and with the “Food Lion” name.  Other Lowes family members were involved in “Sex With Slaves” – raping people and creating a Holicost in various areas.  Informants claim that this is no surprise and that “Lowes Corporation started out by running funeral homes.”



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