“The World of Women and Islam and Crime Developers : ‘The Shari’a’ and Cherie and Sherry and Shari”, by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Cherie Koerber Newman and Husband Scott (also known as ‘Roy’)


According to The Encyclopedia of Islam by Juan E. Campo, “Sharia” in Arabic is a path to a source of water; and the Persian and Urdu word is shariat.  “Shari’a is the law of Islam based on God’s sovereign commandments and prohibitions as conveyed by the Quran…..often identified with another concept of Islamic law – jurisprudence.  “Following God’s Law promises material and spiritual benefits to Muslims.  It is the way to win God’s blessing in the world salvation in the Afterlife.

Historically, the Sharia has become embodied in different traditions of Islamic Jurisprudence known as Madhhabs and in Sunni Islam, there are four madhhabs:

  1.  The Malikis
  2. The Hanafis
  3. The Shafiis
  4. The Hanbalis


All four have accepted a system of jurisprudence based on four roots, or usul al-figh.  Two of these are based in revelation – 1. The Quran and 2.  Sunna.  Two are based on methods of interpreting revelation: 1. IJMAA (consensus) and 2. Qiyas (Analogical reasoning)


Today, the sharia is understood in Muslin nations variously as a basis for law within the framework of a predominately secular legal system modeled after those of western Europe and Britain, or as applicable to only limited areas of law, especially marriage, divorce, and inheritance law.


Alternately, in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, the sharia stands in ideological opposition to Euro-American secular law.  The public perception of the sharia in Europe and North America, as well as among non-Muslin minorities in Muslim lands is that it is an inflexible, tyrannical system of medieval rules.



In the United States, crooks misused the Intelligence internet for years degrading people and created a crime pattern i.d. in United States Organized crime known as a “Cherie” or “Sherry” or “Shari” id.  This is another path or crime path to follow, using a woman’s first name.  This was a creative way to rip people off and get involved in Drug trafficking, ripping off well-known actors like “Paul Newman” with a grocery store brand attached to his name, and other high crimes.


There is another woman named “Sherry” who works at Weaver house who was launched into that pattern by another Ponzi scheme – connected with disability law, and a man named “Ogletree” trying to help blacks.  Ogletree, a do-nothing malcontent, now has advertising where he has “500 disability lawyers” in a law firm named after him in charlotte, North Carolina.  This is the audible Ponzi scam on the police/intelligence internet where everyone but the crooks are mentally ill and are nagged to ‘do on disability’ so that these ‘lawyers’ can get a kickback and sell or use the victim names, particularly if they are degreed.  Cherry Ann is another oddity here in Concord, North Carolina.  The woman’s first name, without a last name, is in the private cemetery of a Concord, North Carolina First Baptist church, along with other tombstones bearing the names of old Civil war relatives, generals, combat heroes, and ‘old monied’ families.  “Cherry Ann” does not have an 18th century name, though, or a last name.  Locals say that she was ‘no one important – just another Manson family member who was really thin and really pretty and who everyone liked.’


This crime pattern appears to be similar to the crooks who have been replicating crimes that appeared in the Bible, also known as “Bible Crimes”.  More will be revealed.


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