“Open LETTERs to Father John BAUER – St. Mary’s BASCilica – an International Concord, NC Ponzi Scheme” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-KOERBER


A Photo from Concord, NORTH CAROLINA


Attn: Father John Bauer

St Mary’s Basilica

1600 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55403

April 22, 2014


Dear Father Bauer,

They are running another Ponzi scheme here in Concord, NC.  The thing here is to also misuse the police/intelligence internet.  Some of the contacts here are the same as they were in Ohio, as in a ‘crossover’.  Since the Ponzi scheme I got stuck with before which forced me to be in shelters was robbery oriented, I am now at the Salvation Army Shelter here in Concord, NC.  Instead of being able to get employment while staying there and having amiable relationships with others, what they do is harass people like me with some predator who are staying at the shelter.  The person is then supposed to be reported to the desk, and the victim is supposed to be a ‘snitch’.  Then, they call and harass you on the phone for money you do not owe.  This occurred and the phone number where the harassing calls originated from was forwarded to the Concord police, the FBI, and DEA since this is some kind of drug scam, I think.  Then, they get into the victim’s email folders and take international emails, and claim that the victim, who is stuck in the shelter is not supposed to have them anyhow. If they do this, maybe this is another suspect group in getting the EIN and DUNS numbers for The indigo Drum to begin with and running a high class cocaine ring, which occurred on the east side of Columbus, Ohio.  The people were not able to be traced before.  An International Cleaning company, known as “Full Force” may also be involved in ‘home invasions’ and taking people’s valuable, because they have a red armored car driving around which is usually not here which could be part of their team which says “protecting your valuables” on the side of the Armored car.

Before this occurred, the Ponzi scam was a group of crooks on the police/.intelligence network telling the victim “Too bad – you were mentally ill in high school”, which is what I kept hearing.

Because a man from Nigeria was looking for workers to help load a truck, he took us to a local warehouse here in Concord, formerly known as “The Gilbert Mill”  and showed us bags and bags and crates of used clothing, shoes, and children’s toys which came from local homes.  These items were being sold to a man and woman from Haiti per pound as weighed on the large freight scale there.  To get to the warehouse part, you have to walk through a Tractor Trailer ‘shop’.  They have all of their belongings behind a gated off area and appear to be inactive r gone, but on the door of the office is a long strip with small dots which looks like a train with lights and the same thing in stained glass art going vertically, behind a set of flames, all done in modern stained glass, on the inside office door. A book was found in the Cabarrus Public Library called “The Burning House”, with a web site: http://theburninghouse.com/ which could integrate selling fire policies with home invasions or hostile/illegal evictions creating homelessness and a certain type of emails being distributed, in the past known as “Nigerian emails”.



Because of this, John Drilling and I are looking for a way to go to Greensboro, NC so that we can use our panhandling licenses and try to go somewhere else.  I am tired of all of this and am looking for a place to become stable instead of running into communities where they have some kind of scam or Ponzi game occurring.  I ‘think’ some of the people who are involved in this relocated from Medina, Ohio because there are several people staying in the shelter who I vaguely knew from high school, but they did not tell me this – I was the yearbook editor and remembered them.  One woman’s name ‘was’ Judy Burridge.  Maybe their relative live in the community and this is the organized crime ring staying at the shelter, as part of their community development. We also hear as part of the Ponzi scheme here on a regular basis “She doesn’t have anything to do with me”, and this sounds like a woman’s voice.  In addition to this, there seem to be a lot of employed people going to work in their cars in the morning here, but I was not able to become employed through the temporary agencies here at all. They also seem to have all kinds of cars driving through the downtown area but local merchants shutting down here also, but other new development in the outskirts occurring.  They seem to want to separate the people who ‘have to’ stay in the shelter from other people here ‘for some reason’. This would be a good Indigo Drum Peace Project site but…..and…… (as read above).


Prayerful help is needed.

Very truly yours,


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Image                                         Image

CONCORD, North Carolina downtown area                                                                         Where is Concord, NC?


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