Vampires – Hollywood Style and Real Life – An Ethics Case by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Three Female Vampires or Witches: You are supposed to notice how thin and pretty they are.


Vampires – Hollywood Style and Real Life

An Ethics Case

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

May 7, 2014


The new/old trend seems to be to get more and more people into the “Vampire World”.  The ‘problem’ boils down to getting or using Plasma to get or stay thin.

 Homeless people who were affected by this large crime ring that kept repeating in many cases donated plasma to the plasma banks.

The plasma is then sterilized, and in many cases an additive, like some other drug is added

And the users get very thin.  The plasma sells for about $1000.00 per plasma bag.  There have been cases where the people were mentally ill in addition to this ‘plasma’ type of vampire.

 Because this was supposed to be a ‘classified project’, at times the users of plasma are supposed to be involved in a paramilitary “Shiite” group where they then put on ski masks and hoods and go out and rob people and assault them with sticks, like some of the problems that have occurred in various locations of “Tent City”, in various areas.

 Another nasty trend that is in the United States and other countries has to do with disposal of dead bodies, which seems to need an International Solution now, also.


The topic of “Vampires”, the organ transplant business, eating human ‘meat’, and other real life problems that cause writers and Hollywood to come up with various movies, television scripts and dramas is part of World crisis and disorganization.  Some of this showed up a long time ago but there was no real ‘counseling’ or treatment’ for this because people who talked about this were ‘crazy’ instead of the perpetrators, in many cases who hid with others like themselves, or as part of a coven.



“Vampirism” – a sexual/erotic area also

In Louisville, Kentucky, one can walk down the street and literally ‘feel’ the heavily veiled feeling that comes with an organized crime coven.  Some of the clothing and belongings that was removed from various crime sites and homes where there were murders and which was then donated to “Salvation Army”, “Goodwill”, and other ‘second hand stores’ have the veiled feeling or ‘aura’ attached to them also, but you have to be sensitive enough to feel it and have to be able to interview people who know more about some of these issues.  Some of the people claim that they are “Mobsters” also, so as to discourage others from being part of their community or group. But this problem with real life “Vampirism” in all of its forms remains a social/behavioral problem with a repetitive pattern, and no real solution.

As a personal side note, I recall my Father being angry about this issue in the 60’s.  He was a regular donor with The American Red Cross blood bank at the time, and when his mother needed blood on hand because of mandatory surgery, and he matched her type, the blood bank did not have enough blood on hand.  This was in the 60’s and is still going on today, but now the homeless people and other desperate people supply the plasma which is written off or charged to insurance companies.  For instance, in Danville, Virginia, I was at The House of hope, a homeless shelter, and received a spider bite, while there.  The sider was in my room, bit my left bottom eyelid, and the front of my right calf, and I had to go to the emergency room in Danville, Virginia.  The bill was $1500.00 for the emergency room treatment, and $500.00 for the doctor bill.  I went to the office of the hospital and explained that I was a homeless person staying at the shelter with no income, and that the bill, which is out of site for the services rendered anyhow, would be written off, and they at the hospital agreed.  I am still receiving so called ‘collection calls’ about this matter as current as three days ago.

Not only are these bill collectors nasty and unwanted, they really could be vampires in all ways.



A Pretty Vampire from “The Vampire Diaries”

Part of the problem could have to do with Mental Health Practitioners. At this time, many mental health practitioners seem to have been able to do nothing about these ‘cults’ or ‘vampires’ and are living better lives because of the Ponzi Scam created whereas the vampires are supposed to be “stars” from the music industry, Holywood, or other areas and everyone but them and other crooks are supposed to be mentally ill and ‘go on disability’.  Disability income is low and people cannot really survive well on it.  The same gangs of ‘vampires’ also got rid or employment in the time period between the 1960’s and now and made the enomony worse.  Dr. Wayne Lindstrom, who now works for the National institute of Mental health, also known as NIMH ‘used to be a practitioner in Bexley, Ohio and worked for Shulman and Associates.  Dr. Lindstrom was accused of pulling juveniles into some kind of sex cult and he, and the others who worked for “Schulman and Associates” in Bexley, Ohio left, and now Lindstrom’s picture is on the NIMH site.  This “Ponzi Scheme” helped him and other quacks in the mental health industry.


Maybe the above picture with its caption is the solution to the “VAMPIRE” problem. Vampires allegedly use plasma (or the white cells of human blood) instead of eating food to be thin and stage or camera ready.


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