“Dear Father Bauer – this is what a Nazi Cult looks like,” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"AAAACCCCKKKKK! I, Crazy bird am in charge of this thing. This is MY thing Now. I was promised a political launch". (Crazy bird the person is a white woman, who looks like a stick and has short blonde hair. This woman is a 'Beauty' to herself and her friend is a Beast which is a theme they created in Concord, North Carolina - aka "Beauty and the Beast".

“AAAACCCCKKKKK! I, Crazy bird am in charge of this thing. This is MY thing Now. I was promised a political launch”.
(Crazy bird the person is a white woman, who looks like a stick and has short blonde hair. This woman is a ‘Beauty’ to herself and her friend is a Beast which is a theme they created in Concord, North Carolina – aka “Beauty and the Beast”.



May 31, 2014

Dear Father Bauer,

John Drilling and I are in Greensboro, North Carolina.  He and I are sleeping at the house of our friend Chris who is using a walker to get around and is part of management of the YWCA sleeping in a special area.  Chris said that he was in a psych ward before and is now in his mid to late 60’s.  John is out panhandling and is part of the Buffalo New York Group.  We both have panhandler’s licenses but I am not with him.  He picked “Liz” again.  This “Liz” thing turned out to be part of creative development as part of the prostitution ring coming into areas.  Liz could be short for “bLIZter” the result of indiscriminate sexual activity.  (A blister is NEVER a sign of health.  In the USA governmental system, this held true also).  This looks like some kind of planned development which was disregarded by the party people and barreled over.  I had to contact the center for Disease control in Atlanta by email several times from Columbus, Ohio and different cities including Roanoke Virginia after crooks barreled over me in Ohio with rape and a hostile eviction and created ‘sex with slaves’ but it did not seem to do any good.  Crooks are marking their path by ‘masturbating in mirrors’ in the auditory mode so that their friends know who they are.  This ‘milder version’ of prostitution was not taken down and a full fledged harder core prostitution ring got in who were also part of hostile escheat for blacks.  These people travel around and try to hit people who don’t know about them because the women are really, really pretty.  There were instances and cases also in North Carolina of normal women getting involved in prostitution with these others as role models, since the people could not file complaints and get any action on the complaint.  This was all ‘left action politics’.  Either his group or another group that is intertwined with our intelligence system in the auditory way picked “Cherie”.  This looks like a Klan group, some of whomare from Medina, Ohio where we went to high school.  One version of “Cherie” is my relative, a sister.  Another version are two women from the Al Capone police gang from Wooster, Ohio.  They are supposed to be ‘wives’ of some of the police from the Al Capone police gang and ‘girlfriends’ of the sherrif to get into the system because they too are supposed to be CIA.  this is an ongoing pattern and it already occurred a long time ago out in Concord, north Carolina.  This group uses sterilized human plasma sometime with other drugs added to ‘get thin’. Since John Drilling is part of Buffalo New York and does not want to visit his family at all and kept calling his mother in her 80’s looking for money until she told him NO, he is now in this legal panhandling area.  He has a panhandler’s license and if his friends drive through they pay him.  I am with him, but not with him panhandling.  All the man did before this was complain that his family would not help him, but he does not apply for jobs.  I think he wanted a political launch to be the governor of some state or etc. by doing all of this.  this “Buffalo Ass” group who are his friends are part of a hostile shutdown series and someone from it keeps telling me in the auditory mode to ‘go on disability’ and they have prevented me from attaining paid employment all this time.  I see people who applied for disability hobbling around on canes or worse and I am not yet disabled so I keep telling them NO.  The panhandling thing in Greensboro, NC works like this:  If John sees people he knows driving through they stop and pay him.  This is some kind of a gauge of how many local friend she has, and panhandling here is legal with a panhandler’s license. I am sort of resentful about being in this unpaid Federal agent role for so long with no money and trash hounding me to ‘go on disability’ because I wanted a life other than this – like going to the beach, which Drilling said he won’t  because he already did that.

I want to visit my son Justin Bauer in Blacksburg South Carolina but don’t have the money to get there.  I think that an International Court was supposed to be contacted and hired to deal with these situations because these ‘mobster cults’ are the court at times also from some of these areas, always looking for new victims to ‘bite’.  The spider bite case that I encountered in Danville, Virginia while staying at the house of Hope Shelter there could be another ‘bite’.  The man who ran the shelter was nasty and abusive (Steve Anderson).  Someone picked him also.  The spider was in my room, and bit my lower left eyelid and the front of my right leg (front of calf).  I was at the hospital for about 1/2 hour to be treated and they want to charge me $1,500.00 for the hospital bill and $500.00 for the doctor bill and a collection agency keeps calling and hounding me on the phone about this bill.  I went to the hospital accounts receivable staff while there in Danville, Virginia, and explained that I was homeless, was in a homeless shelter, and they had me sign a paper to write the bill off along time ago, yet this person is still calling and harassing me for money.

They also have someone who was supposed to be from Hearst” who put certain female crooks in Glamour Magazine and other magazines as part of their political launch.  I know some of the people are they are big city smart and aggressive.  Also, while out in Concord, north Carolina, I met a man who looks like my father’s brother who is not supposed to exist.  He manages funeral homes, and they have one of the biggest funeral homes there.  Now, The indigo Drum Kissinger and etc. Peace project notified the local funeral homes, but in the past, the Indigo Drum Peace Project did not exist.  This is one of the funeral homes that is affiliated with the local Catholic Church (St, James) in Concord, North Carolina named Wilkinson Funeral Home.  My dad died a long time ago and was not supposed to have a brother who looked like him.  This man could be a twin brother with some slight differences.  One person’s nose is a little wider.  One person is more muscular than the other, but I saw the ‘relative’ affiliated with Wilkinson Funeral Home in a dress suit only. My dad was supposed to be mentally ill crooks said also, as part of the continuance of this game.  My dad would also be close to my mother ‘s age now and she is 76.  The man I met was somewhere between about 45-53, I would guess. 

Father Bauer, all of this is an example of a Nazi cult, that claims that they are CIA, but in most cases never applied for any job with CIA.  The main characters always have a bunch of abusive sidekick characters and they are never around each other to be seen together.  If you meet some of these people in homeless shelter, for instance, and they are using one name, the next time you see them they are using some other name.

Also, I am fat, and wanted to be fat to chase away sexual predators at the time.  Then I saw a picture of myself and though that this is ridiculous, but the point was that this Nazi cult got obsessed with bullying certain people who were ‘fat’ to get them to use plasma, but now everyone who is fat.  I need to lose a little bit of weight for health reasons.

In the past, blacks from Greensboro, who are friendly to us, were always fighting with “The Klan” who are out in Concord, North Carolina, also.  This attracted other gangs to come here and cause trouble.  All seems quiet in regard to this matter now.

Have a blessed Saturday, Father Bauer



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