“Sow City” and The Klan in the South: Johnson and Johnson from the Lyndon Johnson Presidential era versus Kimberly Clark

August 6, 2014
“SOW City” and the Klan
One of the problems that arose in social policy in the KKK was the SOW syndrome. What this is, is that low functioning people were beating up on higher functioning people because they were part of the KKK and were having sex with any old man and then ‘gave the child away’. This then made them a proprietary Klan member who went on disability and was protected by the rest of the KKK. This KKK group gets mean and this is a woman who does not accept of like other women too much – aka “A breeder”. This type of “SOW CITY” woman thinks that they are better than other women in the Klan, particularly older women who are not able to have any more children. I think this is an abusive prostitute type, who does not really bond with anyone, and is an example of one of the problems within the KKK, an old social policy group, in addition to SOW city players being told that they can get a political launch by acting like this and trafficking in drugs, by male Klan leaders.
This could be part of ‘coalition building’ that Johnson and Johnson, a health care company, partially located in Concord, NC with a large KKK group got involved in. Kimberly Clark, a similar company, with a woman’s name, could be positioned against this “SOW CITY group and the company has more educated woman. One of these health care companies are responsible for a CAN or medical racketeering scam and in addition to this, there is an article that came from the Greensboro local newspaper about gas chambers being found in North Carolina which are still being used. The article is written from an Animal Activist point of view and the people who are the protesters do not want animals to be killed in these gas chambers. The article identifies where some of these holocaust of gas chambers are and they are allegedly big enough to gas groups of people in. An informant says that there are other gas chambers, which are not listed in this article.
One of the SOWS that is questionable is a local Greensboro, NC woman who went around and told people that they were not supposed to panhandle on her corner which is across the street from Hardees in Greensboro, NC and on the corner of the YMCA. This is the kind of ‘bitch’ that is in the system and is protected by the KKK and is able to bully people from that point of view, and is no more than some kind of an animal breeding and selling or ‘giving away’ it’s child. This type of bitch is always looking for the approval of men it thinks are in the KKK also, to protect it, and caused factioning and schizming in the KKK itself.

I was picked!  I was Picked!  IWAS PICKED!!!!!

I was picked! I was Picked! IWAS PICKED!!!!!

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