BLOOD LUST: A Cult and a book. (“The Cult” is also called “The Chicago Based Crime Mob”)

Informants here in Burlington, NC say the cult has been here for years and made things worse, not better. This is the same area that used to have many people involved in the Textiles industry which went under years ago and brought poverty to the residents. The way the cult works here is by extreme Schisiming – aka They have lower class whites and higher class whites for instance, and the ‘hogher class whites are thin, and feel entitled to abuse people they consider to be lower class, to keep the conflict going here. People resent this. In this area, the crooks also got into the public Housing sector, and homes are being given as ‘premiums’ for ‘bad deeds performed. Help is needed in this area. This goes along with “United” and other moving vans coming into the area with “booty” from burglarized homes to prove that the person is worthwhite and ‘won’. Today’s date: December 18, 2012

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