“Governor John Kasich implicated in Nazi Scheme with victim relative” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Ohio Governor tied into Nazi problem, using relative as bait

Ohio Governor tied into Nazi problem, using relative as bait.


Ohio Governor John Kasich allegedly left the state of Ohio while Governor to go to Hickory, North Carolina because of having a nervous breakdown thanks to the heavy crime cartel that hit the state.

One of the problems could have had to do with missing Deutschmarks and a relative who was at Rebecca’s place, a Columbus, Ohio women’s shelter.  The woman said she was Kasich’s relative, and has a numbered tattoo on her neck, which she claimed she got while staying in a ‘shelter’ in Nazi Germany.

Rebecca’s Place was not a Nazi shelter, but was a shelter which had a Letter and number sequence, and several numbers below it on the same piece of paper above the beds and on the wall of the women who stayed there.  The numbers were though to correlate with funeral plots or crematory drawers and the women were stranded there until they were able to find jobs or find some other way to leave. Before this area became part of terrorism, the shelter had jobs for women, which were taken away and apartments which were also taken away.  This could be due to a pro pedophile/anti women coalition building social policy campaign which gained impetus in Ohio and other areas and shut services and employment down.  More will be revealed.

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